Individual quote, job and invoice IDs

Within Tradumanager you can define individual quote, job and invoice IDs, e.g. you could attach the current year to the corresponding ID (1123428-2014)).

Important note on the use of IDs within the software: Quote, jobs and invoices are only identified and addressed via their ID within the software. For instance, you only need to enter the ID (e.g. 11234) if you wish to issue a quote in Word instead of the entire ID composition as displayed on quotes, jobs and invoices in Word (e.g. 1123428-09-10-2014-COMPANY). The entire ID (as defined in the your default values forms) is thus only shown on quotes, jobs and invoices in Word.

Rules on formatting quote, job and invoice IDs:
- There are several variables available: X (this is the ID/number itself, which is mandatory), DD, MM, YY, YYYY, DDMM, MMYY, MMYYYY, DDMMYY, DDMMYYYY, SL>TL
- Variables need to be connected with - (e.g. X-DD)
- The hyphen - may only be used for connecting variabels
- Strings are possible if placed between "" (e.g. X-DD-"my String)

DDMMYYYY-X-"MY AGENCY" results into 09102014-412312-MY AGENCY