• Getting started

    In order to get started after installation and create quotes, jobs and invoices, you need to at least:

    1. Have added one company
    2. Have added one customer

    There is no need to allocate services to translators. However, if you do not allocate a service to someone who performs it, the revenue you get from that service will be entirely allocated to your profits because there are not costs to be deducted. If you wish to allocate a job to a service provider (e.g. an external translator you are giving translation jobs), you need to add a translator first, including language pairs and rates.

  • Quotes, jobs and invoices
  • Data storage and backup
  • Default values

    In the default values form you can set standard values such as payment deadlines or your standard language combination that are automatically selected when adding a new service or creating a new invoice.
    In addition, you can set start values for quotes, jobs, and invoices to continue your current IDs when you switch your project management to Tradumanager.
    Further you can select different variables in the templates of the assignment emails for outsourcing work to service providers. When generating the emails these variables are replaced automatically with the corresponding job details.

  • Updating
  • myTRADUMANAGER App / Browser


    Please unzip the ZIP archive you received by email. Open the file psl-config.php in the includes folder. Enter the login details for your MySQL database. Besides other measures, the login is secured with Google-Recaptcha. Now request your Google Recaptcha response key and secret key in your Google account. Alternatively, you can request these keys from Tradumanager support. Enter both keys at the botton of the file.

    Upload all files and folders into a directory on your webserver, that will serve as access point for your myTRADUMANAGER web app (e.g. subdomain Please contact your webhoster for help.

    After uploading the files, access the URL / directory in your browser - you should now see the myTRADUMANAGER login.

    Notes on login:

    For the login, myTRADUMANAGER uses cookies that do not expire. Please make sure you logout to prevent unauthorized use. If your password is not secure, please choose a password that ensures maximum security (advise at Wikipedia).

    Using myTRADUMANAGER on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.):TM app

    • Android
      - App: Firstly, please tell Tradumanager support the URL of your myTRADUMANAGER. You will then get your app in an email (APK file). You can install this file on all your Android devices following these steps: Go to Settings -> Security -> Check Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store -> move the APK file onto your device and execute it there to install the app -> uncheck "Unknown sources"
      - Shortcut on your home screen (Chrome/Firefox): Enter the URL of your myTRADUMANAGER into your browser. In the browser menu, select "Add to homescreen".
    • iOs
      - Shortcut on your home screen (Safari): Enter the URL of your myTRADUMANAGER into your browser. In the browser menu, select the icon "Add to Homescreen".

    In the browser:
    Simply enter the URL of your myTRADUMANAGER into your browser.