Features of Tradumanager for Translation Agencies


Features of Tradumanager for Translation Agencies Tradumanager
Professional and efficient management of complex, multi-lingual projects lz_check
Multi-user - several project managers can simultaneously access the same database via the internet or a private network lz_check
Fast creation of quotes to be printed or exported as PDF lz_check
Customizable Microsoft Word templates for quotes and invoices lz_check
Repititions and matches with different discounts possible lz_check
Easy coordination of multi-lingual translation projects with several transaltors involved lz_check
Easy creation of invoices to be printed or exported as PDF lz_check
Multi-lingual quotes and invoices ((CH) German, French, English, Italian and Spanish) lz_check
Fast and accurate allocation of work to translators and proofreaders including individual deadlines
Translations can be priced on a word, line, page or hour basis lz_check
Charging flat fees / minimum fees possible lz_check
Automatically generated emails for allocating work to translators containing all relevant job data (including templates for customization) lz_check
Easy maintenance of translator data including addresses, language pairs, rates, special fields, evaluation etc. lz_check
Translator evalution system (when placing a job, you will get a list of translators/proofreaders in the respective language pair sorted by evaluation and rate) lz_check
Easy maintenance of customer data and automatic integration into quotes and invoices lz_check
Several locations/offices with different tax IDs etc. possible lz_check
Result of current month always at hand for maximum motivation of your staff and easy monitoring of your current performance lz_check
Overview of sales, earnings and taxes of a time period of your choice in table format (exportable to Excel) and in a diagram for you to see how your business develops lz_check
Overview of due invoices inluding creation and due date and invoice amounts lz_check
Overview of due payments to translators and proofreaders lz_check
Several contact persons can be stored per cutomers for fast creation of quotes, jobs and invoices lz_check
Customizable quote and invoice IDs (e.g. 2013-08-Your Company-5623) lz_check
Customer specific modifications possible (simple contact us with your request) lz_check
....and much more! See for yourself and try the free Tradumanager trial version!