This page gives you an overview of the new features offered along with recently published Tradumanager updates. If you wish to update your Tradumanager to a newer version, please simply download and install the current demo available on this website. After installation of the new version you might need to adapt your connection settings for accessing your database file or your MySQL database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always backup your data (the entire tradumanager folder including database file and templates) before updating the software.

If you already exeeded the 6 months time period in which you can install updates for free, you can purchase your update licence in the shop at a discount.

Tradumanager 3.0.8. (Dec. 2017)

  • Specific deadlines for individual translators / proofreaders
  • When assigning a job, you can now sort all translators / proofreaders by name, evaluation and (NEW) number of jobs done for the specific client


Tradumanager 3.0.7. (August 2017)

  • Filtering jobs by translator
  • Internal / external comments relating jobs (external comments can be included into assignment emails)
  • Internal / external comments relating customers (external comments can be included into assignment emails)
  • Setting customer-specific VAT rates; these are suggested as customer-specific rate when creating quotes and jobs
  • etc.


Tradumanager 3.0.4.

  • When allocating jobs, you can filter for availability and cat tools (can be maintained in the translator data).

Tradumanager 3.0.2.

  • Field for comments on customers
  • You can now keep jobs active even if you have already converted them into an invoice (in case you would like to immediately issue the invoice)
  • Default texts for quotes and invoices can easily be adapted (see lower section in company details)

Tradumanager 3.0.1.

  • Customizable Microsoft Word templates for quotes and invoices
  • Repititions and matches with different discounts possible
  • Definition of default services for easy entering of services/translations
  • It is not required anymore to add a service provider to each of the services contained in a job/invoice

Tradumanager 3.0.0.

  • Rights management (user <-> administrator, admins can define, for example, if users can edit invoices after invoice creation, if they can see sales/profit results, the financial analyses etc.)
  • License details are shown in an overview (period of free updates, type of license etc.)

Tradumanager 2.9.7.

  • Multiple contact persons per customer possible (for faster creation of quotes)
  • Customizable quote and invoice IDs (e.g. 2013-08-Your Company-5623)